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   Blacksmith Shops
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Blacksmith shops, which were necessary in horse and buggy days, were one of the first enterprises to open up for business in the town, and soon after the town was laid out in 1883. Wm. Clark moved over from New London. He said he had moved his shop from several towns to some other town, but it was the first time a town ever moved off and left HIM. Another pioneer blacksmith was John Warren, who operated a shop on the lot just south of Dr. Beck's office. He was also a gunsmith, having made guns, etc. for the confederate states, but came north to get away from such work.

Next we have the shop owned and operated by John Adams (deaf) which was built on the lot across the alley, east of the Equity store, and like Lonfellow's poem "A Mighty Man Was He, with strong and Sinewy Hands," he did a good business until he retired.

Mr. Clark sold his farm over by Beck's Creek and took up smith work in Herrick. The new shop was built and rated one of the best shops in the country. Finally Mr. Clark retired on account of old age and turned the shop over to his son, Jesse. Later Wm. Holman leased the shop and did a good business until he traded his Herrick property for a farm in Loudon Township.

There are others we made mention as pioneer blacksmith. Among them: Elijah Linn, Alpha Musser, Wissis Donaldson, the Clark boys and Ed Coe.

Blacksmith Shop

Wm. Clark's black smith shop around 1900.

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