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Early Barbers

W. T. Oare, a painter for the railroad, suffered a sunstroke in 1886, and two years later in 1888 started the first barber shop in a room of a building just north of the Herrick Depot. He later built a residence just south of C. M. Stafford Hotel. This burned in 1901 and another building was built. Mr. Oare continued barbering until his death in 1910. A. W. Oare ran the shop until 1924. Later Scott and Milt Woolard ran a barber shop in the middle of block 6. Bill Oare bought out the Woolards.

Bill Oare and Scott Woolard barbered until 1936 when Earl Wilson and Earl Horsman bought from Bill Oare. Earl Horsman and Scott Woolard barbered while Earl Wilson went to St. Lois Barber College. When Earl Wilson came back to Herrick he and Scott Woolard barbered together until 1950. Scott continued to barber from his residence until his death on August 15, 1966.

The Farmers Store

The Herrick Cooperative Equity Exchange was registered with the State of Illinois on March 18, 1920, and was dissolved October 6, 1942. This record was obtained from the office of the Secretary of the State by Claudis Cole.

Registration of officers came in the spring of 1921. They were J. E. Myers, President; A. L. Chamberlain, Vice President; and George Berryman, Secretary-Treasurer.

Directors included Joe Dover Burrus, Frank Whittington, Harvey Cokenower, Grover Cleveland Sarver, Lane Burrus, Wm. (Bill) Bender, Vaughn Horsman.

Managers included A. J. Grey, George Rumer, Emma Carnes Wakefield, and George Berryman.

The exchange was financed by selling shares in the project. Farmers and some others were stockholders and received dividends on their investments.

The Farmers Store occupied the corner building on South Broadway which was built about 1912 by William Beck and son, Walter, who operated a store there. (William Beck was also the father of Dr. O. G. Beck and Harvey (Red Tom) Beck).

The Farmers Store closed in the fall of 1937. Hal Kessler of St. Louis was in charge of selling out the merchandise. He reduced prices drastically, held Saturday night auctions, and brought in other merchandise to sell.

During its lifetime, the store bought cattle, chickens, eggs, cream, and feed. The cream was tested there. "Hog" Frank Frailey maintained the stock yards across the street west adjoining the railroad. There cattle and hogs were kept until they were shipped out to market.

A partial list of store employees over the years included Kenneth Frost, Virginia Strain, Faye Price, Ellen Dobbs, Nell Sarver, and John Jones.

State Bank of Herrick

Mr. Green organized a bank in 1904. This became the State Bank of Herrick in 1905, with Mr. Ewing Myers as President according to a newspaper account. This agrees with a notice that the State Bank of Herrick celebrated it's 25th Anniversary in 1930.

A legal document states the State Bank of Herrick is a corporation organized and existing under the banking laws of the State of Illinois and was organized on or about the 6th day of August A. D. 1910 and that from the date ot its organization until on or about the 11th day of August A.D. 1933, said conducted a general banking business in the Village of Herrick, County of Shelby and State of Illinois.

"At a special meeting of the directors of the State Bank of Herrick, Illinois, held at Herrick, Illinois on the 11th day of August A.D. 1933 at 9:00 o'clock A.M. the following directors, having waived notice of time, place, and purpose of such meeting, were present; A. L. Chamberlain, J. G. Torrence, Edward Bender, J. E. Myers, R.T. Clark, and A. W. Moore.

After a general discussion of conditions the following resolution was passed;

Owing to a suit pending against the State Bank of Herrick, Be it resolved by the directors of the State Bank of Herrick, that Hon. Edward J. Barrett, Auditor of Public Accounts of the State of Illinois, be and hereby is petitioned and requested to take charge of the bank's affairs for examination and adjustment.

The directors whose names appear hereon voted for the adoption of the above resolution. A. W. Moore, J. G. torrence, A. L. chamberlain, J. E. Myers, R. T. Clark, and Edward Bender.

On the 22nd day of August A.D. 1933, said Auditor determined that said bank could not be reorganized and that the same should be liquidated through a receivership, and thereupon then and there, in compliance with the Statute in such case made and provided, he designated and appointed William L. O'Connell of Chicago, Illinois."

All the banks assets were offered for sale on December 20, 1940. Final liquidation took place February 26, 1941.

Bernard Burrus Store

In 1935, Bernard and Marjorie Burrus owned and operated a grocery store purchased from Tim Casey, known as the Butcher Shop in block 7. Then in 1937, they started up a furniture store in block 10, know as the Farmers' Store for a few years, and later went back into the grocery business at the same location and remained there until Marjorie's death in 1966.

In a few months Bernard sold the grocery business to Roger Simpson.

Some employees included: Blanch Davis Sarver, Betty Davis Donaldson, Bessie Taniges, Bessie Haun, Pearl Chandler, Inex Manuel, Joan Thompson Wall, Vickie Frailey Moll, Marilyn Lorton, Sharon Lorton, Sandra Crouch, Roseline Austin, Freda Hilvety, Hilma Murray, Karen Clark Thompson, Faye Hadley, Helen Cokenhower, Joyce Ruot, Jack Hart, Noel Montgomery, Irma Wonus, Helen Fagg, Freda Clark, Linda Miller, and Carlene Corley.

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