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   The Livery Barn
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The Livery barn was the successor to the Stage Coach and in every town these barns were maintained for the purpose of furnishing transportation for people desiring to travel from one town to another, but principally for runners or commercial salesmen selling to stores for the retail trade. The price charged for this service ran from three to five dollars a trip, but charges usually were figured at the price the patron would pay.

When the town of Herrick was first put on the map one of the livery barns was one of the first business ventures to spring up in town. Mr. Wright McClanahan (a brother of Smith Mc.) erected a large substantial barn on the present site of Dr. Beck's Veterinarian barns. Included in other services provided by the firm, was the rental to a young fellow of a horse and buggy to take his best girl for a ride on Sunday afternoon.

With the coming of the automobile, one by one they were forced out of business, which, like the old mill, is now a relic of the past. When the automobile began crowding these barns out of business, naturally we would expect the shrewder owners to run an advertisement in their local paper which read " A livery barn for sale or trade", and this notice usually brought in from the country many prospective buyers or traders, who wanted an easy way to get a living without having to work so hard for it on the farm. So we saw the barn become a swapping proposition, and among the many who wanted to try out the livery business in our town we mention Frank Broadbeck, Lewis Worker and Mart Leigh, as the most conspicuous. Mr. Leigh's barn was destroyed by the fire and was never rebuilt, which ended the "Livery Barn Business" in Herrick.

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