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The post office in this vicinity was first established as Beck's Creek Post Office March twentieth, 1860, the name being changed to New London May twenty ninth, 1882. The name was changed to Herrick August sixteenth, 1883.

Postmasters and their dates of appointment are as follows: James M. Harnett, March twentieth, 1860; Simon P. Hadley, March tenth, 1862; John S. Burrus, January thirtieth, 1877; John Adams, February twenty second, 1877.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Hadley, October twelfth, 1880; Jesse B. Lane, April twenty ninth, 1885; Jacob D. Burrus, May tenth, 1889; Lester H. Sutton, June fifteenth, 1893; John F. Sarver, February fifth, 1896.

Wright C. McClanahan Sr., September twenty seventh, 1897; Charles F. Oare, May first, 1905; Richard F. Corley, July twenty fourth, 1914; Elmer Beck, January twenty first, 1922; Harry W. Smart, May thirteenth, 1930; L. Rex Murray, January sixteenth, 1935; Edward F. Witt, May first, 1968.

The rural mail delivery service was inaugurated in the Herrick areas October sixteenth, 1903. There were two routes started at this time. Mr. George W. Beck mapped the first Herrick routes. He served as carrier of one route and Jacob D. Burrus served the other route. A rural mail route in those days covered about twenty-four miles, and would take eight hours on horseback to cover. Most of the time the "lanterns were lit" by the time the carrier returned home.

Elmer Beck, George Beck's son, after substituting for his father, received and appointment as regular carrier in 1910. He carried mail until 1922 when he was appointed postmaster.

The Postal Department at Herrick in 1926 were James N. Shellenbarger, Burl Corley, George W. Beck, Elmer Beck, Stuart Bryant, Molley Corley, Lovetta Wirey (Mrs. Elmer) Beck and Logan Beck.

Later Momroe Haefele served one route until he retired. Some of his substitutes were Norris Price, Jim Duduit and Jake Chandler.

Wilmer (Shorty) Adams served the other route until his retirement in 1967. His substitute for many years was Russell Crouch.

Upon Mr. Haefele's retirement, George Sollis was appointed in 1955 and Clarence Henderson served as his substitute.

After Mr. Adams retired, the two routes were consolidated to one route being served by George Sollis, and a section of the route southeast of Herrick was served by Roy Jones from the Cowden Post Office.

Upon Mr. Sollis' retirement Clarence Henderson was appointed regular carrier. His substitute was Robert D. Sager, who was made regular carrier upon Henderson's retirement. Mr. Sager's substitutes have been Lewis "Ernie" Wasson and Vance W. Blickem.

Mr. L. Rex Murray served almost thirty-four years as postmaster. During this time the post office was located in five places. First, it was located in the block building until 1942 when it was moved to the bank building. Here the quarters were destroyed by the fire in September 1952. After the fire the office was moved to the south room of the Torrence and Kesler store for a short while, then to the Earl Wilson building later in 1952. It remained there until May first, 1961, when it was moved into the new modern Post Office Building where it still remains in October 2000.

During this time the post office had the following clerks: Dale Corley, L. G. (Buster) Corley, M. J. (Lute) Hayes, Fred Lindhorst, Hilma Murray, Florence Oller, L. E. (Jock) Hayes, Eva Hayes and Elaine Rainey.

Later Beverly Blackerby served as clerk until her transfer to Effingham. Marietta Berryman was appointed at this time.

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