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In the early 1900's, honest John Cothern brought the first telephone system from Buckrough (Sefton Township) to Herrick. He installed the poles in the town and put the switchboard and system in Charles Kesler's house. Mrs. Kesler (Mollie) and her daughter, Hilda, took care of the switchboard. There were batteries holding copper, lead and blue vitrol, which were put in glass jars. The battery solution had to be added to, or changed, at intervals.

Later, Lenna and Oma Nodine operated the switchboard in their home, a three-room house. It was latter moved to an upstairs room over the Jerry Sarver drug store on the west side of Broadway.

Around 1920 a telephone building was built just off Broadway on Main Street to the west of Torrence and Kesler general store. It remained there until August 31, 1967 when Midland Telephone Co. of Champaign took over. They built a new building on Broadway north of the firehouse.

The following is a partial list of the telephone operators. John and Jessie Corley (1915-20), Walter and Mattie Snow (1920-28), Frank and Ella Welch, Ocie Clark Fink and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Walker, Oat and Emma Price, Mr. Tedrick, Oliver and Mollie Chamberlain, Joanna Moon, Anderson and Nida Mahan, Leonard and Alice Snyder, Darrel and Dot Sarver, Maurice and Fay Beck, Edward and Roselyn Austin, Archie and Dorothy Pruitt, Dewey and Fern Williams, Edward and Deloris Hart (several years) and Bennie and Jessie Landers (1958-67).

Edward Hart was the lineman for several years before the present company took over. The latest directors were John Fink, Orville Sarver, and Lemuel Taniges.

Jessie Landers
Jessie Landers at the Herrick telephone switchboard.

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