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   Herrick 1983
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One beautiful winter day in February, two ladies arrived at the north edge of the town of Herrick. they will tell you what they saw as they drove the street south.

Commencing at the four-way stop on the west side of the street, one passes the homes of George Moll and the Gibsons, then two empty lots now owned by the Herrick Baptist Church, then comes the Baptist Church. The complete west side of the next block is Carroll Memorial Park. The next block includes Vivian Snyder's home, the Herrick Dairy Dee and the Harlin Wallace apartment house.

Next, in block three of the original town of Herrick, is the block house. It served as Herrick High School for a period of time, and is now the home of the Gene Thompson family, then comes an empty lot, the American Legion buildings, another empty lot and "The Other Place" owned by Barbara Riley of Texas.

In block six is the Bank of Herrick, Kenny Barr's scale office, "Chat or Chew" cafe owned by Barbara Riley, the Herrick Post Office. Then two lots used for parking and a drive way brings you to the railroad tracks.

Crossing the tracks in block eleven, one finds the Herrick Cafe, owned by Nelson Sarver, Sarver's Car Wash and an empty lot on the corner.

On block fourteen, one finds the homes of Jack Hart, standing empty, Alma Frailey and Ed Hart.

That brings us to the south end of town, where there is a four-way stop at the county-line road.

We shall return to the north end of town and see what is on the east side of Broadway.

North and east of the four-way stop is Herrick Grade School and Cowden-Herrick Junior High School.

In the first block south of the four-way stop is the trailer home of Steve Buck. Also, the homes of Emma Wheatman, oldest citizen in Herrick, Bruce Pope family and Irene Bryant.

The next block includes Mildred Lorton's trailer home, Athol Musser home, and Mildred Carroll's home, which serves as Wallace and Carroll Funeral Home.

In the next block are the homes of Edward Witt and Charles Howell.

In block two of the original town of Herrick, there is an empty lot on the corner. Then the Midland Telephone building, which started operation in 1967. Then comes the Lions Club building, which is known as the fire house, as it shelters the fire trucks and gear.

Next is an empty area, then comes L. L. Burrus Real Estate office. Then there is the trailer home of the Andy Clutter family, next is the Ike Snow Small Engine Repair, and on the corner is the Masonic building.

In block seven of the original town of Herrick stands the empty building of Torrence and Kesler on the north corner. East behind this building is Harlin Wallace Construction and a storage building. South of Torrence and Kesler's old store is Wallace and Carroll Hardware. Mildred Carroll now runs this business. Next is an empty building. This building and the empty building on the north corner are owned by Barbara Riley. Next comes a driveway and then the railroad.

In block ten of the original town of Herrick is Joe Evans Fertilizer business. Next is an empty building, then comes Bob's Market.

In block fourteen of the original town of Herrick is the Shell Station, run by Ray and Margaret Peters of Cowden. Then there is a house owned by Jack Hart and then the home of Robert Jackson.

This brings us to the south end of town and the four-way stop at the county-line road again.

There are some individual businesses around town which we will list. Goff Termite and Pest control, Max'x Barber Shop, Carlisle Marathon and Repair Service, and C & F Oil Company, run by Grady Corry and Charles Foor.

One hundred years ago, at the birth of our village of Herrick, there was much activity. Although our business section has dwindled we have a population of 480, making us a nice size village.

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