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   Rabbit Town
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"Rabbit Town" is located "South of the Border" or across the county line road (in Fayette County) south of First Street and was named Rabbit Town in the early 1900's, due to so many rabbits being there. It started with about three houses located in the nine-block square. Ervin Beck, who was a resident for sixty-five years, recalls printing and selling "The Herrick Herald" newspaper for two years, selling later to Mr. Barnes, who moved the newspaper up-town, also, printing a "Trail Hound Magazine" for hunting dogs.

A few years later more houses were built with the Big Boom of homes coming after 1967, with two houses being moved in, five new homes built, and eight trailers added, making a total of twenty-eight residences in Rabbit Town in 1983, with a population of seventy-five people, twelve dogs and unknown population of rabbits.

They also had, in 1983, a printing press, beauty shop, heating and air conditioning business, laundromat, and log house.

At one time the largest dog kennel in the world was located in Rabbit Town, "The Kaskaskia Hound Kennels."

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