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   Whinnies And Wheels
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Cecil Corley, 1913

The early ways of getting where you wanted to go were by foot, horseback, and wagon. As craftsmen improved their skills, the heavy cumbersome wagons were replaced by lighter buggies.

After the horseless carriage came into prominence, the new marvel soon began appearing on the streets and roads in and around Herrick. By 1918, there were several Model T fords, a few Maxwells, Buicks, and Dodges, and at least one CarterCar, Cole, Overland, Stoddard-Dayton, Chevrolet, Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Mitchell, and Stearn-Knight.

With more and more automobiles, it was easier to get from place to place, and people "hit the roads." Things have never been the same since!

The early roads followed the contour of the land. Sometime before 1875, most had been straightened out and were on the section or quarter section lines. As spring and wet weather came, the "springy spots" in the roads became impassable. Sometimes poles were cut and laid crossways in the road, creating a "corduroy" road.

Following the Depression, the WPA program was put into effect, and many local roads were built by WPA crews. The right-of-way for an improved road to Tower Hill was obtained about 1932, and a gravel road was constructed, with the road being blacktopped a few years later.

The road to Ramsey was still a dirt road up into the 1950's. After a new bridge over Beck's creek was built in the early 50's, road construction was in progress in 1957 with the road being blacktopped a year or two later.

The County Line blacktop road east of Herrick was rebuilt by Shelby County east of Mitchell Creek with Fayette County resurfacing that west of Mitchell Creek in 1982. A new bridge was constructed in 1982 over Beck's Creek west of Herrick.

Then county bridges generally were not built for the heavy traffic, and many bridges are being replaced.

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